Book a Swedish lesson

Book a Swedish lesson 

You can book a Swedish lesson/Skype-fika here via the online booking system. You can also check availability via the booking system. Each lesson is 50 min long.


Swedish lessons for adults with a Swedish teacher

  • £27 per Swedish lesson per person, buy 10 lessons for £240  (valid for 13 weeks from first lesson date)
  • Teachers: Anneli and Daniel
Swedish lessons for children and young people with a Swedish teacher
  • £120 for 5 lessons per pupil (valid for 13 weeks from first lesson date)
  • Teachers: Daniel
Skype-fika for adults with a conversational trainer (B1-level and up)
  • £22.50 per person
  • Conversational trainers: Jessica and Amanda
  • 50 min lessons
  • 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Payment in advance

Want to give a lesson as a gift? For other tailor-made options, please contact us

For businesses and organisations, please look at the corporate training page

Accepted payments to UK bank account, Swedish bank account, Swish and Paypal. Payment must be made 48 hours before the lesson. 24 hour cancellation policy applies. E-mail iwanttolearnswedish (at) for payment details (including bank details or paypal details).

Note that you should be able to view the available slots in your current time zone. If you are unable to view the schedule, make sure your 3rd party cookie acceptance is set to “always”.

44 thoughts on “Book a Swedish lesson

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  2. Hi,

    I am interested in learning Swedish as my husband is Swedish and I would like to be able to communicate with his family in their native language when we visit them in Sweden.

    My Swedish skills at the moment are practically non-existent. I have however learnt German as an adult and speak that now with relative ease. I have been told that this will help me learn Swedish as the languages are related.

    I would be interested in having a couple of lessons to decide if this it this is the learning style for me.


  3. Hi,

    My dad and I are planning to visit Sweden this summer. He is currently using a Rosetta Stone course to learn Swedish, but he is isolated in South Dakota from any Swedish speakers and would like to actually ask some questions or get some additional insight from a native.

    The question I have for you regards the times listed on your calendar. Do they automatically adjust for our timezone? We are in the central time zone in the US, and 7 hours behind Sweden, so I would like to clarify that before I purchase some classes for my dad.


    • Hej Becky! Thanks for your message, yes – you should be able to view my available slots in your own time zone. I have dropped you an e-mail with some more info. Speak soon! /anneli

  4. Hej,
    Jag heter Pierre och kommer fraan Schweiz. Jag skulle vila gärnä göra ett försök med dig. Men jag saag att du är inte ledig för April. Stämmer det?


  5. Hej,

    Mitt namn är Madde och jag var uppväxt i Sverige men flyttade till Sydney, Australien i 2007. För mitt High School Certificate har jag tagit Svenska och måste göra ett muntligt prov i Augusti. Är intresserad att prova några lektioner!


  6. I have been having classes for 6 months now having moved to Sweden. Its not easy to learn Swedish living here as everyone wants to practice their English. But Anneli is a sharp and very experienced teacher who understands how to help shape and build language skills. I can now hold fluent conversations and Anneli continually spots minor details in how I speak that each time help to free me up further. Having tried different official classes here in Sweden I can confirm this is the very best way to learn this language.
    David Machin

  7. Hi,

    I am planning on moving to Sweden in june this year and have a very basic understanding of swedish and want to learn the language a lot more before I go however the only person that does lessons here in perth I didn’t find to great I have seen this post and wondered if you could help me out?


  8. Hej,

    I’m considering upping sticks from England to Sweden to further my career in a healthcare related field, but the job adverts state that they want a Swedex B1 level certificate. My Swedish vocab currently consists of two words! Can you help me out?



  9. Hey! I’m interested in learning swedish and want to book the 9 lessons special discount but I’m unsure of the process of booking for all nine. Thanks!

  10. Hi Anneli,

    We are interested in Swedish language studying but we need your advice first. Nowadays we live in Finland, working as doctors, and planning to move in Sweden in few years, we have two daughters 1,5 and 10 y.o.. Unfortunately no one except me myself can speak English and this probably might be a problem. On the other side I know several families that studied new languages in this way, without English “support”.
    Also our main aim in the beginning is to learn right phonetic rules, so that in future we can communicate with minimal ascent.
    What can you suggest in our case?


  11. Hej Anneli,
    Me and my wife would like to take Begginer/Intermediate level(B-level) lessons. Ideally we want to have the lessons on Mon-Tuesday-Thursday evenings.

    Please share the best options and other details to proceed.


  12. Hej Anneli,
    I would like to learn Swedish fluently and therefore like to see if the 1 on 1 lesson is the right way to do so for me. Is there anything I can prepare if I book a lesson and can you let me know with what book you are teaching?
    Best Regards

  13. Hello!

    Im living and working in Göteborg,

    I have a good basic level of swedish and am now looking for a private tutor to help me improve.

  14. Hi, I want to learn swedish in order to speak and write to my swedish contacts. How can I prepare for the course? Books and other materials?


  15. Hi! I would like to have Swedish classes early morning Brazilian time (6 am BZT – 11 am SWE), Monday – Wednesday or Tuesday – Thursday. Is there any time available? How is possible to buy the books?

    Kind regards

  16. Hi Anneli, I am an Italian architect living in Stockholm. I need to improve my very basic Swedish as fast as I can. Would you mind sending me an email with more info? For a trial lesson shall I just book one of your available slots?
    Thank you very much,

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