Do people speak too fast? Now you can buy Swedish podcasts with texts on different grammatical levels, where the text is read (by me) at three different speeds:

  • slow
  • medium
  • fast (native, fluent)

What do I get?

  • a file containing (self-authored) Swedish spoken text in three speeds
  • a quiz on the text
  • a word list with difficult words and phrases that are hard to find in dictionaries
  • a full transcription of the original text

How can I use it?

  • listen
  • transcribe
  • answer questions on the text
  • translate the written text
  • learn new words
  • become familiar with a faster pace
  • practice pronunciation
  • keep in touch with Swedish language and culture outside lessons

Price: £4 (GBP) / 40 SEK / €4.50 (EUR) / $6.50 (USD) per podcast

File format: .m4a

How do I buy a podcast?

You can either just click on the button below to “add to cart” and then check out and pay via Paypal at the bottom of this page. If you don’t have a Paypal account, then please contact me as I can also accept payment via bank transfer. As soon as I receive your payment, I will e-mail you a link to download the podcast and also e-mail you the transcription, quiz and word list. You will receive the link and the document within 24 hours.


Available for purchase:


Podcast 1

Running time: 40 min 13 sec

Date: August 2011

Level: A2

Grammar: varied, verbs mainly present tense and infinitive

Word count: 1,132

Example from transcription:

“Min hund är en gammal Labrador, han är över 11 år gammal.  Han är svart och stor, och ofta mycket trött. Men han är väldigt lugn och snäll, och sover mest hela tiden. Vi bor i en villa utanför Nottingham, på 5 rum och kök. Vi har en ganska stor trädgård också, bakom huset. Jag tycker om att läsa, att titta på tv, träffa vänner, rida på hästar, promenera med hunden, och att jobba. ”


Podcast 2

Running time: 45 min 44 sec

Date: August 2011

Level: B1/C1

Grammar: varied, most verb tenses included, phrases

Word count: 1,260

Example from the transcription:

“I Sverige har sommaren en sådan speciell plats i allas liv, i allas hjärtan. Sommaren är tiden för ljuset och värmen, och friheten. Men för många måste semestern bli perfekt, en prestation som man kan skryta om för arbetskompisarna när man kommer tillbaka. Men också en perfekt upplevelse av sommar och sol, nästan som en reklamfilm. Lite som reklamfilmen för ölet – Pripps Blå – och låten av Tommy Nilsson. Den heter ”Dina färger var blå”, och kom ut 1994. Videon till låten har precis den där perfekta sommarkänslan, som alla svenskar vill ha på semestern.”


More podcasts coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Podcasts

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  2. Hej,
    These podcasts are a really great idea. I’ll probably try the first one any time soon 🙂 Too bad there are only 2 available cause I really like the concept (and the second one will probably be to difficult for me yet)!
    Ha det bra!

    • Hej! Thanks for your feedback, it’s nice to hear that you like the idea. It was something I wanted to try out, as I have noticed a need for students to listen to texts in different speeds. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to create any new ones yet. But maybe, if there is a demand for them, I might consider making some more… 🙂

  3. I’m thrilled with your first podcast and have just ordered the second. I do wish there would be more, but also understand the time it takes to produce them. My husband and I moved to Sweden about three weeks ago and hope to do the SLI course early next year but, of course, cannot do anything (even a library card!) without the “personnummer”! So we’re trying other things. I have picked up some vocabulary but found that, no matter how many words I think I know, people generally speak so quickly that my comprehension is near zero, unless I know what they are asking. But, listening to your slow version several times, I felt like I actually understood something of what was being said (to a degree, of course, since I am not conjugating verbs, can’t count well or tell time yet, etc). When I saw the list of questions, I actually had a flash of comprehension! It helps that I am a dog person, I’m sure, as well, but let me just say that I was very impressed and now my husband wants to get going with it “together” as well just based on first impressions. That’s excellent progress for less than a day, so thanks!

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