Semlor – baka dina egna (how to bake your own semlor)


Have you tried semlor? It’s that time of year again! Tomorrow Tuesday is the day of the Semla. Semlor (plural, semla in singular) are cardamom-scented-cream-and-almond-paste-filled-buns commonly available from the official end of the Christmas season (tjugondag Knut on January 13th) until Easter although originally they were only eaten every Tuesday from Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) until Easter. Nowadays, well… let’s say we eat them a bit more often during this period of the year.

Here is my recipe for semlor


  • 75 gram smör
  • 2,5 dl mjölk
  • 25 gram jäst
  • 2 krm salt
  • 0,5 dl socker
  • 1 tsk stött kardemumma
  • 8 dl vetemjöl (ca 500 gram)
  • 1 ägg till pensling

Fyllning till semlorna:

  • 200 gram mandelmassa eller marsipan
  • 1 dl grädde eller mjölk att ha i mandelmassan
  • 3 dl vispgrädde att vispa
  • 0,5 dl florsocker att pudra semlorna med

Gör så här:

1. Mal kardemumman

2. Aktivera jästen (om du behöver – gör som det står på jästpaketet). Blanda ihop mjöl, socker, salt, och kardemumma. Tillsätt mjölk, jäst, och smält smör.

3. Blanda till en deg. Låt degen jäsa i 45 min, under en handduk.

4. Dela degen i 12 delar. Baka ut till små runda bullar. Lägg bullarna på bakplåtspapper. Låt bullarna jäsa i 30 min, under en handduk.

5. Sätt ugnen på 220 grader. Rör ihop ett ägg, och pensla ägg-mixen på bullarna. Grädda bullarna i ugnen i ca 8 minuter, tills de fått en gyllenbrun färg.

6. Under tiden, riv marsipanen. Tillsätt 1 dl mjölk eller grädde. Låt mixen stå ett tag.

7. Ta ut bullarna ur ugnen, låt dem svalna under en handduk.

8. Skär ut locket på bullarna, och skrapa ut smulorna inuti. Tillsätt smulorna i marsipan-mixen.

9. Lägg i marsipan-mixen i bullarna.

10. Vispa lite grädde, och lägg grädden på marsipan-mixen. Lägg sedan locket på, och pudra lite med florsocker. Tadaaa! Klart!

Or you could just buy some semla in any café in Sweden, or maybe at Scandinavian Kitchen in London if you are there?


Have you ever been to Skansen in Stockholm? It is the first open air museum and zoo in Sweden and is located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. It was founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius to show the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the industrial era. I went there last Wednesday, and here are some pictures.




Sunny Stockholm

I am in Stockholm right now, and the weather is glorious! I spent yesterday in the sun in a newly developed area in south Stockholm called Henriksdalskajen, a trendy and expensive place by the sea with board walks, cool cafés and swanky restaurants. 1 bedroom apartments starting price in the region of 3 million kronor. Here are some photos:



God fortsättning

Happy New Year – Gott Nytt År! And God Fortsättning, as we also say. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. I have spent some time away from my computer, planning for 2012.  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions – or Nyårslöften, as we say in Swedish? Perhaps to practice more Swedish? Now may be a good time to set some goals for the rest of the year in terms of your Swedish. Maybe some goals could be:

  • read a book in Swedish
  • listen to at least 1 hour of Swedish radio per week
  • buy a vocabulary book for new words
  • buy some flash cards and learn 10 new words every week
  • buy a ticket/order drinks and food/ask a random person about the time/ask for directions/strike up general conversation in a public place – next time you go to Sweden
  • watch 1 Swedish movie per month (watch twice – first with subtitles and then without)

I have also been thinking about my Nyårslöften. I won’t tell you all of them, but I can promise that there will be more podcasts and more media this year (maybe even Youtube clips!) to look forward to – so stay tuned!

Me thinking about the goals for 2012, for Swedish Made Easy

Me coming up with a great idea

Me writing down my great idea

Lucia concert at Swedish Church London

I went to a Lucia concert last night at Swedish Church London last night. It was so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.

Went to the Swedish pub across the road, Harcourt Arms, before and after, for some Glögg. Also, the church hall served glögg and lussebullar after the service. Strongly recommending it for next year, for all Londoners (and Brits in general).

Snapshots from Stockholm

Children playing in the snow at a local nursery in Skarpnäck

Much of the snow had melted (!).

Swedish bakery serving semla

It was semla season…

Semla heaven!

I bought semla for some dear friends

Hammarby ski slope, about 200 m from my mum's apartment in Stockholm

Hammarby ski slope is a cool place I think, it is a small ski slope in central Stockholm. My mum’s apartment is just a stone’s throw from the slope.

Another favourite

Can’t beat a kanelbulle and coffee. We are pretty heavy coffee consumers, among the highest in the world apparently.

The Swedish newspaper landscape

Snapshot of the Swedish newspaper selections. To the left, the two main broadsheets (or morning papers) – Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter. To the right, the two tabloids (or evening papers) – Expressen and Aftonbladet.

Swedish things in my home

Här är några svenska saker hemma hos mig.

En liten tavla av Bengt Elde i mitt sovrum. Jag älskar hans tavlor.

En ergonomisk kärleks-kaffekopp. Den fick jag från pappa + partner.

Rocky-böcker av Martin Kellerman. Jag har nästan alla.

Kylskåpspoesi i köket.

Vinterbild från min hemby, Saxdalen, i vårt sovrum.

Karta över Sverige och bild på Mumin-trollen på vår toalett!