Why you may want to try to learn Swedish online

I work mainly with teaching Swedish online. Some learners can feel a little bit sceptical to the idea of learning a language through Skype, and feel more comfortable with the idea of sitting face-to-face with their language teacher. I totally understand this, this kind of communication is still quite new – at least in relative … Read more

Interview with a Swedish learner – Jeff

Jeff is from England, but he has spent several years living and working in Sweden in an engineering company. He is now re-training as a doctor. He misses Swedish coffee, cinnamon buns, semlor and management by överenskommelse and the assumption that if a job’s worth doing then it really is worth doing well. What led … Read more

Språkkänsla – liksom, typ, väl

In the Swedish language, as in many other languages, we have several “vaghetsmarkörer” (vagueness markers). These markers are often used in spoken language, in order to make an argument more vague. They are not necessarily translated as such, but can be compared with English expressions like: “kind of”, “isn’t it”, “sort of”, “ish”, etc. Some … Read more

Interview with a Swedish learner – Robert Shaw

Robert is originally from Hastings and lived the last 20 years in the UK in Derbyshire. He now lives in Stockholm with his wife and bonus son in a typical Swedish apartment near to the city. They also have a lovely summer house 70 km away looking out over the archipelago. Robert works as an … Read more

Språkkänsla: regeringen – den eller de?

One common but tricky grammatical issue in Swedish, is how to refer to singular en or ett-words when they represent a group. The government, regeringen, is a singular en-word (en regering, regeringen) but of course represents a group of people who constitute the government. Do we in Swedish refer to regeringen as den, or de … Read more

Interview with a Swedish learner – Frances Quinn

Frances Quinn is originally from London, but now lives in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and works as a freelance journalist. Her interest in Sweden began with a childhood love of Abba: ‘When they were interviewed, they’d often be asked if they planned to move to London, but they always said no, Sweden is a fantastic country, that’s … Read more

Sweden in London: Marylebone

Marylebone is an area of London, UK, which has a particularly high concentration of Swedish-related shops and organisations. If you are in London, and want a taste of Sweden, then there are a few places you may want to check out. Most places are centred around the streets Montagu Place, Crawford Street and Harcourt Street. … Read more

Snart är det påsk!

I Sverige firar många påsken från torsdagen till måndagen. På Skärtorsdagen flyger, enligt folktro, häxorna till Blåkulla för att festa med djävulen. Så på Skärtorsdagen klär barn ut sig till påskkärringar, och går runt och knackar på hos grannarna, och får kanske lite godis. Det är lite som ‘Halloween trick and treat’. I min familj brukade vi inte … Read more