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No words express how wonderful Anneli is as a Swedish teacher. My progress has been astounding. When I went to Sweden, everyone I spoke to said how good my language was! She is totally keyed in to her student’s needs, and I would recommend her highly.
Boston, US

Did you know? Swedish Made Easy has a study group on Facebook called "Learn Swedish with Swedish Made Easy".

Did you know? Swedish Made Easy offers one-to-one Skype lessons for adults and children. We also offer lessons for couples.

Swedish lessons with Daniel have propelled me at a pace much faster than I had expected. I had been taking lessons in person with a local teacher, but it wasn’t until I switched to sessions with Daniel that I began feeling competent and seeing progress. He is such an excellent balance of challenging and patient, and always encouraging. For someone like me starting from the beginning, he is the best choice.
San Francisco, US