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Have you got a Swedish partner and have tried self-study courses, without success? Do you want to be able to converse with your in-laws when you are in Sweden?

Are you considering relocating to Sweden at some point in the future, and thinking it would be good to learn Swedish before applying for jobs or courses? Are you looking to learn Swedish online before you move out there?

Have you got Swedish relatives/ancestors, and would like to learn more about your heritage and the language? Or have you once lived in Sweden, and would like to keep in touch with the language and the culture?

Have you never found a Swedish teacher locally, and would consider to learn Swedish online?

Free initial assessment and specification of goals and aims, either via phone or online. Discounts available if more than one student per session

Check out the FAQ for some common questions about learning Swedish.

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Know some Swedish and don’t want lessons at the moment? Check out the podcast section – a great way to keep your Swedish alive.

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