New online course coming up!


I am very excited to finally be able to tell you what I have been working hard at for the past month. I have been creating a new course for you guys that will be opening very soon!

If you have read my emails the previous week, you have probably noticed that I am on a Preposition Mission at the moment.

The most common mistakes that I hear Swedish learners make, and also the most common difficulty that people say they have with Swedish, are related to prepositions.

Yes. People even swear when they talk about Swedish prepositions, actually!

Therefore, I have created a course on a really important area of prepositions to get right – time prepositions and time expressions.

Why are they so important to get right? Because you can accidentally create real misunderstandings if you use the wrong time preposition! If you meant to say next Friday and instead say last Friday… well, you will confuse people (and potentially have no guests for your party, or whatever it is you are trying to organise).

That’s why I have created this course. And I’ll get into all the fun details later, but the course will open for registration this Sunday, so watch this space.



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