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Currently Open


Accent Reduction and Pronunciation

Would you like to sound more Swedish? Never got the hang of how to say sjuksköterska, or what the difference is between Å, Ä and Ö? Or when G or K is pronounced hard or soft? Feel unsure of where to stress a word when you pronounce it?

*Completely self-paced course*

  • 34 videos with detailed explanations of all the Swedish pronunciation techniques
  • Specific exercises to strengthen your pronunciation muscles
  • Downloadable PDF's showing you the anatomy of the tongue, lips, larynx and vocal tract
  • Downloadable cheat sheets with different spellings of consonant sounds, hard and soft vowels, dropped consonants, syllable stress patterns and sentence stress patterns
  • Opportunity to later take part in live group coaching with Stefan and Anneli to get direct feedback and tips on how to reduce your accent
  • Study in your own time from home
  • In English with Swedish examples
  • Payment plan available

Swedish Grammar Made Easy

*Completely self-paced course*

Have you started learning Swedish but realised that you don’t even know the grammar rules in your own language? Are you not quite sure what adverbs, conjunctions or prepositions are?

The Grammarphobes Guide to Swedish Grammar

  • 10 modules explaining the 9 word categories + Swedish word order
  • Access to instructional videos that you can watch while logged in to your course that explains each category, how it's different from English and how it works in Swedish
  • Downloadable cheat sheets with the main rules for each category
  • Study in your own time from home
  • In English with Swedish examples

Swedish Time Expressions Pro

*Completely self-paced course*

Learn, remember, pronounce and understand Swedish time expressions and time prepositions with confidence. 

No more guessing, no more doubting!

  • 8 modules with time expressions and prepositions according to verb tenses
  • Access to instructional videos (in English), including specific pronunciation guidance for Swedish expressions
  • Downloadable exercises for testing yourself
  • Downloadable cheat sheets with rules and expressions for each category
  • Link to Quizlet sets (103 words/phrases in total) so you can memorise them

Swedish Verbs 101 Bootcamp

*Group + individual study*

Nail the most important verbs once and for all!

5 week intense bootcamp course.

Follow our unique training programme with exercises circuits to nail 50 verbs in all 5 forms.

  • Learn/review the 50 most common Swedish verbs in all forms
  • Unique bootcamp Weekly Programme with exercise circuits, Warm Up & Cool Down
  • All you need to know about the 5 main verb forms
  • Weekly Zoom drop-in seminar + Q&A
  • Quizlet lists with example sentences for you to drill
  • Cheat sheets and guides to the verbs and their forms
  • Estimated study hours per week: 5-7 hours
  • £320

Suitable for beginners+, intermediate+

Currently closed

Secrets to Swedish Writing (intermediate+/advanced)

*Group + individual study*

Learn to write ‘personligt brev’, formal and informal emails, and opinion texts.

This course is perfect for intermediate and more advanced learners (B1 and above), who wish to improve their written Swedish.

  • 4 written assignment + individual feedback
  • Assignment group call (1 hour) on Zoom for support and feedback
  • Handy cheat sheets, check lists and templates
  • Small group size
  • 160 early bird, £230 late bird

Accent Reduction Workshop

*2 hour Live Workshop*

Unique pronunciation workshop with opera singer and Estill Voice Trainer Stefan Holmström

  • Accent Reduction and Pronunciation training
  • Discover how your tongue, lips and vocal tract affects your pronunciation
  • Learn how to say the vowels and the 'sj' sound
  • Tongue Gym
  • Lip Gym
  • Larynx Gym
  • Tips on how to reduce your accent
  • Ask questions and get feedback

Suitable for everyone

Private lessons one-to-one

Excel your Swedish

  • Study Swedish from anywhere with a native Swedish teacher
  • Friendly guidance and clear explanations
  • Individually tailored lessons
  • Speaking practice
  • Help with building robust study routines
  • Accountability that supports motivation
  • Choose lesson times that suit you on our online booking system
  • All levels (A1-C2)
  • Lessons via Skype or Zoom