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  1. dear anneli!
    hope you are well these days.
    it’s been a while i’m studying swedish lang. and there are some online and offline courses i’ve tried:
    1-rosetta stone-swedish- level 1,2 &3 (all covered)
    2-duolingo android app and web course on swedish lang.
    3- website: learningswedish.se (all modules covered)
    and im starting to study books like:
    1-avancera ord
    2-Avancera Läs
    and some novels written in swedish and also some tv seies i’m gonna watch.
    so… just wanted to know on which level based common framework i am.
    i just took an online and free test in swedish that didn’t cover listenning and speaking sections and it gave me “C1”, which totally sounds weird ’cause i guess i’m not.
    so please help me to figure out am i ready to take tisus yet or notm and what to do.
    i really like self-studying.
    thatnks in advance
    hopefully looking forward to hear from you.
    take care!


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