New intermediate/advanced writing course!

Secrets to Swedish Writing

Course content and format

Do you want to express yourself better in Swedish?

Do you want your written Swedish to look professional?

Do you want to master the difference between informal and formal Swedish?

If you do, we have the perfect course for you.

Why are writing skills so important?

It's how you express your thoughts, and communicate ideas and views to others.

We often judge people based on their writing skills (whether you like it or not).

They give you tools to explain things to a wider audience.

By writing, we can keep a record of ideas and communication.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for intermediate and more advanced learners (B1+ and above), who wish to improve their written Swedish.

You need to be able to complete and hand in 4 written assignment according to a set schedule.

Other requirements: 

  • At least level B1 Swedish
  • Laptop with camera and Internet connection
  • Access to Google Docs
  • Access to Zoom

What's the course schedule?

Assignment 1: Informal emails and texts – how to communicate in a natural and informal way with friends and family, how to use common abbreviations and everyday expressions and slang.

Assignment 2: Emails for complaining – how to get the tone right when you need to contact a company or an organisation to complain about something.  

Assignment 3: How to express opinions in text – how to put your arguments and opinions forward in a confident and professional way in a written text. 

Assignment 4: ‘Personligt brev’ – how to write a professionally looking personligt brev to go with your CV. You’ll get individual feedback on your own personligt brev, and there is also an option to get individual feedback on your CV.

How is it different from other courses?

When you study Swedish in groups (like SFI or Folkuniversitetet, for example), you will rarely (if ever) get detailed, individual feedback on your writing. This is a great opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from Daniel Lind, not only a Swedish teacher but also a published author and a master wordsmith!

Not only will you finish this course with a “personligt brev” that you can use together with your CV in the future, you will also get practice to write both formally and informally.

And you will also get access to many useful cheat sheets and check lists, that you can save and use as tools when you need to write something on your own next time.

Meet your teacher

My name is Daniel, born and raised in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. I have worked in education since 2008, helping students of all ages to reach their potential. Being multilingual (Swedish, English, Polish), I have a passion for languages and tutoring Swedish in particular. I’ve been teaching Swedish in the UK since 2013, and I have taught over 4,000 hours. I am specifically interested in helping learners to read and write better. Beyond teaching, I work as a translator; both English -> Swedish and Swedish -> English. I am also a published author (Steampunk Fairytales), and I love writing!

I had been taking lessons in person with a local teacher, but it wasn’t until I switched to sessions with Daniel that I began feeling competent and seeing progress. He is such an excellent balance of challenging and patient, and always encouraging. I couldn’t be happier to have him as a teacher!
Jennifer Farel
San Francisco
I PASSED, PASSED, PASSED, & PASSED :-))))))))) !!! I just received the Intyg via mail about an hour ago !!! I PASSED Tal! I PASSED Hörförståelse! I PASSED Textförståelse! And, I PASSED Skrivning - Where I accomplished the Full Mark !!! ... You can guess how I transformed and became the master wordsmith på Svenska 😉 Thanks God for this! I couldn't be more happier. Having said that, I firmly believe that I would not have made it without you. Your support, your teaching styles, your tips, your comments on how to improve and learn were incredible. I owe you SO MUCH Daniel.
I have been taking Swedish lessons with Daniel for a few months now because I plan on moving to Sweden soon. I have been very happy with the lessons and really enjoy them. Daniel has a good balance of pitching the lessons at your level but also including some challenging work from time to time. As a result I have found that I have progressed much more quickly than I had thought I would! I love that Daniel has a lot of extra worksheets and helpsheets that he uses as they really help to compliment the work that we have been doing.

Watch snippets from a previous group call

How it works

The course starts: to be confirmed (in 2020)

We’re only accepting a small number of students for this course. First come, first serve.

Click here to join a waiting list, so you’re first in line for when we open enrolment for this course. 

You will get:

  • 4 written assignments to complete and send in as a Word Doc
  • individual written feedback on each assignment
  • 1 hour-long group call after each assignment in Swedish on Zoom (discussing each topic and Q&A)
  • opportunities to ask questions during the group call, but also listen to other peoples’ questions
  • access to a recording of the group call afterwards
  • downloadable cheat sheets, check list and templates that you can use in the future

You need to hand in the written assignments on time according to the deadlines. If you hand them in too late, you won’t get individual feedback on them. You will have seven days to complete each written assignment. 

You can register your interest for the course by signing up to a waiting list. As soon as we open the course for enrolment, we’ll contact you with information on how to sign up for the course.

The group call dates and times are: 

To be confirmed

You will need: 

  • At least level B1 Swedish
  • Laptop with camera and Internet connection
  • Access to Google Docs
  • Access to Zoom
Any other questions?
Get in touch if your question is not answered above – email Daniel: