Why work on improving your spoken Swedish?

Spoken Swedish is by far the hardest area for Swedish learners. Native Swedes often struggle to understand accents, and they are good English speakers too, so they often switch to English, meaning reduced opportunities for learner immersion. No one else offers actual tools for how to improve pronunciation and reduce accent. Often, it’s just recommended to ‘listen and repeat’, with no specific guidance on how to actually pronounce the new sounds in the vocal tract.

You may also feel unsure of what words to use, how to string them together and how to get a flow when you speak. Maybe you feel you lack the confidence, even though you know quite a lot? Or maybe you want some help to put your very first sentences together? Maybe you have no one to practice with?

We’re here to help!

Speak Like a Swede - Learn the anatomy of spoken Swedish

Would you like to sound more Swedish? Never got the hang of how to say sjuksköterska, or what the difference is between Å, Ä and Ö? Or when G or K is pronounced hard or soft? Can’t figure out how to actually say something that’s written? Feel unsure of where to stress a word when you pronounce it? If this is you, then this comprehensive online course is definitely for you!

This is our famous online course, by Swedish teacher Anneli Haake and opera singer and Estill Master Trainer Stefan Holmström. Enrol once and have access to the course for as long as you like. 

SME Online Språkkafé -conversational training in small group

Virtual language café for speaking practice

SME Språkkafé – kom till vårt online språkkafé på Zoom! Vi har språkkafé varje vecka på onsdagkvällar (kl 18-19 engelsk tid). Träna på att prata svenska i liten, trevlig grupp.  

Private lessons with us

Private online lessons with a teacher

Online lessons with Anneli / Daniel – study Swedish with a qualified native teacher from your home. All levels (A1-C1). Friendly guidance and clear explanations, help with pronunciation, help with building up a robust study routine.  

Free pronunciation training

Free mini course: How to say Å, Ä, Ö

Would you like to learn or improve how you say those last 3 confusing letters in the Swedish alphabet – Å, Ä and Ö? Would you like to learn how to actually pronounce them? Stefan Holmström, opera singer, voice coach and Estill Master Trainer is here to help!

When you sign up to our mailing list for our FREE mini pronunciation video course, you get access to free videos that specifically teach you how to pronounce the Swedish vowels Å, Ä and Ö. Enroll in our video course, and you get to learn exactly how to pronounce them.

Free video lesson: How to say the SJ-sound

‘Shjjj’…, ‘Hhjjhh’…, ‘Hhwww’…, ‘Shhh’… How DO you actually say the Swedish SJ-sound?

We have a new blog post out where we:
– explain what the sound actually is
– offer a FREE video lesson where Stefan Holmström (opera singer and voice trainer) teaches you how to produce the sound, and Anneli Beronius Haake (Swedish teacher) shows you all the common spellings of this sound.