Start teaching online

Start teaching online

Are you a language teacher who would like to set up your own Skype/online language business? I can help you do this.

Examples of areas where I can offer advice on how to start teaching online:

  • How to set up your own website or platform to teach from

How to set up your own website, how to join online language portals, how to set up e-mail accounts, how to set up social media channels, and how to set up a digital library of resources.

  • How to take payments from students

How to use Paypal, other payment options, payment terms and conditions, dealing with issues, tax.

  • Technical help

How to use Skype when teaching, multiple calls, other options beyond Skype, how to carry out Wifi speed tests.

  • Marketing

How to find your market, competition analysis (PESTLE analysis), client analysis, pricing options, using social media to drive traffic, SEO.

  • Teacher-learner relationship online

How to build and maintain relationships with your students online, communication strategies.

Contact me to discuss your needs and we’ll get your teaching business started.

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2 thoughts on “Start teaching online

  1. Dear Annelie, hi
    I am a teacher of English and Russian languages (Russian i smother tongue and English is a specialty). Currently I have been addressed with the request to start teaching online via Skype. I have no experience of using skype for lessons and feel not very comfortale with this new way of teaching.
    Having read your references I decided that I have to prepare myself before jumping into these new waters and I would be very thankful if you could become my tutor.
    Can you please share your huge experience and expertise with me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Olga Grishaeva

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