Why work on your Swedish grammar?

Grammar is not just something academic and boring that you need to study for the sake of it. Grammar is actually the key to how a whole language is built up! Think of it as a manual that unlocks the structure of a language. And once you understand how it works, it gives you the freedom to express yourself effectively, so that other people understand you.

Sometimes when people start learning a second language, especially if they haven’t studied another language before, it’s easy to think that it’s just a case of translation. That you swap each word for the target language word, and that’s how you speak that language. But that’s assuming that all languages have the same grammar as your mother tongue. And this is not the case. All languages have different grammar rules, and your job is to not only learn new words, but also learn how to use these words correctly and how to put them together.

We’re here to help!

Verbs 101 Bootcamp

Swedish Verbs 101 Bootcamp – intense 5 week bootcamp, our popular course, where you get a uniquely designed training programme to drill in the 50 most common and useful verbs in Swedish, in all forms (250 words  in total, in sentence form). 

  • Learn/drill/memorise the 50 most common Swedish verbs in all forms (250 words in total)
  • Unique Bootcamp Weekly Programme with exercise circuits, Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Weekly Zoom drop-in seminar + Q&A
  • Estimated weekly study hours: 5-7

You will get a thorough introduction to the five main conjugations of Swedish verbs: imperative, infinitive, present tense, past tense (preteritum) and the supine form. And you will learn when you need to use them. 

You will get detailed explanations of each verb, so you know exactly how to use them. 

You will also get an overview of the four verb groups, along with handy cheat sheets and verb lists for quick referencing. 

And above all, you will learn and drill in the 50 most common and most useful Swedish verbs in all forms (250 words in total, and the verbs are in sentence form), by using our unique Bootcamp Weekly Training Programme, including exercise circuits, Warm Up and Cool Down!

The Grammarphobe's Guide to Swedish Grammar

Have you started learning Swedish but realised that you don’t even know the grammar rules in your own language? Are you not quite sure what adverbs, conjunctions or prepositions are? Do you feel like you need to learn some general grammar to be able to study Swedish?

The Swedish Grammar Made Easy course – an online, self-paced video course – will help you with precisely this!

This course is suitable for anyone trying to learn Swedish, but feels unsure of general grammar terms. The course is particularly useful if your first language is English, and you haven’t studied much (if any) grammar before. Swedish learners with other first languages may also find it useful, but the majority of the comparisons in the course is between English and Swedish.

This course is perfect for grammarphobes and will explain in simple terms all you need to know about grammar, so you can get on with your Swedish learning!

Swedish Time Expressions Pro

Do you struggle to use the correct preposition when you want to talk about when, how often or how long something is happening? Do you get your ‘i’ and ‘på’ mixed up when you want to say ‘on Monday’ or ‘last Monday’ in Swedish? Do you find Swedish time expressions confusing?

In this course, you will practice time expressions and prepositions according to category, and in context. This course focuses on learning and memorising time expressions and time prepositions, and also how to pronounce them like Swedes do.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to remember, pronounce and understand Swedish time expressions and time prepositions with confidence. No more doubting about when you should use ‘i‘, ‘‘ or ‘för‘. No more feeling insecure about if it should be ‘måndag’ or ‘måndagen‘, or ‘vecka’ or veckan‘. No more guessing.

Private lessons with us

Private online lessons with a teacher

Online lessons with Anneli / Daniel – study Swedish with a qualified native teacher from your home. All levels (A1-C1). Friendly guidance and clear explanations, help with pronunciation, help with building up a robust study routine.