Tillbaka från Stockholm

Nu är jag tillbaka från Sverige! Oj, vad kallt det var! I förra veckan var det mellan -10 och -17…. The Swedes are longing for the spring, you can hear it when they speak. 3 months of consistently freezing temperatures have taken their toll. Beware when spring breaks in Sweden, because the country will become euphoric!

Snapshots from Stockholm

Much of the snow had melted (!). It was semla season… Hammarby ski slope is a cool place I think, it is a small ski slope in central Stockholm. My mum’s apartment is just a stone’s throw from the slope. Can’t beat a kanelbulle and coffee. We are pretty heavy coffee consumers, among the highest … Read more


Greetings from Stockholm! I’ve been here since Friday, when I flew into Skavsta from Stansted. I spent the first few days at my dad’s who lives with his partner in Bromma, a leafy suburb in Western Stockholm. He lives in a gorgeous super-Scandinavian styled home. As always in Sweden, there is a lot of attention … Read more

Lite om mig

Yes, a bit about me. I’m Anneli, 33 years old. I have worked as a Swedish teacher for about 6 years, focusing on distance adult learning. I started off teaching part-time while I was doing my PhD (which you can read more about here), but loved it and it kept on growing so now I … Read more

Swedish things in my home

Här är några svenska saker hemma hos mig. En liten tavla av Bengt Elde i mitt sovrum. Jag älskar hans tavlor. En ergonomisk kärleks-kaffekopp. Den fick jag från pappa + partner. Rocky-böcker av Martin Kellerman. Jag har nästan alla. Kylskåpspoesi i köket. Vinterbild från min hemby, Saxdalen, i vårt sovrum. Karta över Sverige och bild … Read more