How to create plural endings in Swedish

Are you confused about all the different plural endings in Swedish? In this blog post we’ll look at the different forms and groups so you can create and identify plural endings. There is also a free download of a noun plural cheat sheet, so you can print it out and put up somewhere as a reminder!

Interview with a Swedish learner – Matthew

This week we’ve interviewed Matthew, 39, who is originally from South Manchester in the UK. He has been living in Sweden for over 3 years now with his Swedish partner Sofia and more recently their two children James and Grace. In this interview, Matthew tells us about his Swedish language journey, his proudest moment as a Swedish speaker and what he has learnt along the way.

Challenges in language learning

Last Saturday, we were at the Language Show Live in London, to give a talk about challenges that you may face as an adult language learner, during the language learning process. We wanted to talk about the most common challenges that we see among students. Not just Swedish students, although that is of course the … Read moreChallenges in language learning

Ju – stating the obvious (at least to you!)

Many of our students ask us about the sentence adverb (satsadverb) ju. On the whole, it means something along the lines of as you/we already know/are aware of, or as I have already mentioned. Here are 6 examples of how you can use ju in sentences.   1. As I’ve mentioned before…. It can be used … Read moreJu – stating the obvious (at least to you!)

We’re going to Language Show Live

Language Show Live We are SUPER excited to reveal that we are speaking at Language Show Live this year, in London! 😃 10 November at 2.30 pm, London Olympia. Our talk is called “Overcoming challenges as an adult language learner” and we’ll be talking about barriers and challenges you might encounter as a mature language … Read moreWe’re going to Language Show Live