Interview with a Swedish learner – Alicia

Alicia is from Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. She has moved to Sweden for a work assignment that is determined to be a two year assignment. Her employer had arranged Swedish lessons for her through the International House in London that lasted about one month. She works as a retail store manager for an American … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – Alicia

Swedish dialects resource

As many of you will already know, the Swedish language has many varied dialects. There is a wonderful resource on the web, where you can look at different regions and listen to different Swedish dialects: SweDia 2000. The website is the result of a collaborative research project between the universities of Umeå, Stockholm and Lund. … Read moreSwedish dialects resource

Swedish podcasts

Finally! I have designed and produced some Swedish podcasts, that are now available to buy. Texts in 3 different speeds I have recorded original texts for the podcasts, and recorded them at three different speeds: slow, medium and fast. The slow is very slow indeed, almost every word is separated. This is meant for those … Read moreSwedish podcasts

Språkkänsla – liksom, typ, väl

In the Swedish language, as in many other languages, we have several “vaghetsmarkörer” (vagueness markers). These markers are often used in spoken language, in order to make an argument more vague. They are not necessarily translated as such, but can be compared with English expressions like: “kind of”, “isn’t it”, “sort of”, “ish”, etc. Some … Read moreSpråkkänsla – liksom, typ, väl