New book – Teach Yourself Complete Swedish

Teach Yourself Complete Swedish – to be published 8 March 2018 Some of you may know that I, Anneli, have been writing on a completely new version of Teach Yourself Complete Swedish (Hodder and Stoughton) for the past couple of years. Today, I am delighted to share with you that the book is finally out … Read moreNew book – Teach Yourself Complete Swedish

Quick questions for Daniel

Daniel is a Swedish teacher here at Swedish Made Easy. He teaches all levels, from beginner to advanced. He comes from Göteborg in Sweden (which he would adamantly argue is the best city in Sweden), and lives with his family in London, UK. He has worked in education for over 8 years, and taught Swedish since 2013. He … Read moreQuick questions for Daniel

Welcome Daniel – Swedish teacher

Daniel Lind

Swedish Made Easy is growing and we now have a new teacher onboard. I am very pleased to introduce Daniel Lind, who from now on will work as a Swedish teacher at Swedish Made Easy. Daniel comes from Göteborg in Sweden, and lives with his family in London, UK. He has worked in education for over 8 … Read moreWelcome Daniel – Swedish teacher

Interview with a Swedish learner – James

Learning Swedish – interview with a learner James is a radiographer working in an NHS hospital in the UK. He was raised in Southport, Lancashire, but currently lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, but he is hoping on finding work in Sweden in the not-too-distant future. James likes to ride his bicycles a lot and successfully completed Vätternrundan, a 180 mile … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – James

Happy 10th anniversary!

10 years ago, I started teaching my very first student. This was before Skype had gone mainstream and was only in its infancy. I was studying for my PhD, and I took on another couple of students – the idea of teaching Swedish was so much more appealing than working extra in a pub. Since … Read moreHappy 10th anniversary!

Språkkänsla: var eller vart?

One thing that can be a bit confusing with Swedish adverbs, is that they can imply location, direction as well as origin. Most may recognise that there are two words for where – var eller vart – but it can be tricky to remember how to use them. Here is a table where you can … Read moreSpråkkänsla: var eller vart?

Grammatikfrågor, tack!

22 March 2013 is Grammatikens Dag in Sweden. Until then, I was thinking it may be nice to have some grammar Q&A here on the blog. Do you have any particular grammar questions, that you have been wondering about? Some aspects of Swedish that you cannot get the hang of, or maybe understand the difference … Read moreGrammatikfrågor, tack!

Interview with a Swedish learner – Alicia

Alicia is from Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. She has moved to Sweden for a work assignment that is determined to be a two year assignment. Her employer had arranged Swedish lessons for her through the International House in London that lasted about one month. She works as a retail store manager for an American … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – Alicia