Interview with a Swedish learner – Jeff

Jeff is from England, but he has spent several years living and working in Sweden in an engineering company. He is now re-training as a doctor. He misses Swedish coffee, cinnamon buns, semlor and management by överenskommelse and the assumption that if a job’s worth doing then it really is worth doing well. What led … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – Jeff

Språkkänsla – liksom, typ, väl

In the Swedish language, as in many other languages, we have several “vaghetsmarkörer” (vagueness markers). These markers are often used in spoken language, in order to make an argument more vague. They are not necessarily translated as such, but can be compared with English expressions like: “kind of”, “isn’t it”, “sort of”, “ish”, etc. Some … Read moreSpråkkänsla – liksom, typ, väl

Språkkänsla: regeringen – den eller de?

One common but tricky grammatical issue in Swedish, is how to refer to singular en or ett-words when they represent a group. The government, regeringen, is a singular en-word (en regering, regeringen) but of course represents a group of people who constitute the government. Do we in Swedish refer to regeringen as den, or de … Read moreSpråkkänsla: regeringen – den eller de?