Mando Diao + Gustaf Fröding = sant!

Mando Diao Vem/vilka? Swedish indie/alternative rock band from Dalarna, active since 1999. Gustaf Fröding Vem? Regarded as one of Sweden’s greatest poet and writer, died in 1911. Combine the two, and you get Mando Diao’s interpretation of one of his poems – “Strövtåg i hembygden” (Rambles in my homeland). So why not kill two birds … Read moreMando Diao + Gustaf Fröding = sant!

Svensk musik på svenska

Hej! Here is a little Friday treat for you: I have pulled together a Spotify playlist with a variety of Swedish artists singing in Swedish. Have a listen, see if there is something you like. If there is, listen to more songs by that artist, and maybe learn the songs so you can sing along! … Read moreSvensk musik på svenska

Interview with a Swedish learner – Nick

Nick is 25 and originally from Kent, but he has lived in several places around England including the East Midlands for the last 4 years. He trained as a musician but since August 2011 he has been re-training to become an artist in the games industry on a 2 and a half year course in Malmö. After that … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – Nick

God fortsättning

Happy New Year – Gott Nytt År! And God Fortsättning, as we also say. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. I have spent some time away from my computer, planning for 2012.  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions – or Nyårslöften, as we say in Swedish? Perhaps to practice more Swedish? … Read moreGod fortsättning