Swedish dialects resource

As many of you will already know, the Swedish language has many varied dialects. There is a wonderful resource on the web, where you can look at different regions and listen to different Swedish dialects: SweDia 2000. The website is the result of a collaborative research project between the universities of Umeå, Stockholm and Lund. … Read moreSwedish dialects resource

Swedish podcasts

Finally! I have designed and produced some Swedish podcasts, that are now available to buy. Texts in 3 different speeds I have recorded original texts for the podcasts, and recorded them at three different speeds: slow, medium and fast. The slow is very slow indeed, almost every word is separated. This is meant for those … Read moreSwedish podcasts

Why you may want to try to learn Swedish online

I work mainly with teaching Swedish online. Some learners can feel a little bit sceptical to the idea of learning a language through Skype, and feel more comfortable with the idea of sitting face-to-face with their language teacher. I totally understand this, this kind of communication is still quite new – at least in relative … Read moreWhy you may want to try to learn Swedish online

Interview with a Swedish learner – Robert Shaw

Robert is originally from Hastings and lived the last 20 years in the UK in Derbyshire. He now lives in Stockholm with his wife and bonus son in a typical Swedish apartment near to the city. They also have a lovely summer house 70 km away looking out over the archipelago. Robert works as an … Read moreInterview with a Swedish learner – Robert Shaw