A new Swedish princess

Earlier this morning came the announcement from a proud and emotional Prince Daniel – Crown Princess Victoria has given birth to a baby girl – a new Swedish princess, and heir to the throne after her mother in the future. She was born o4.26 am today, 23rd of February 2012, she was 51 cm and … Read moreA new Swedish princess

Swedish fika – a cup of Johan

Recently, Swedish coffee roastery Gevalia launched a major ad campaign in US, featuring Johan – who wants to fika. https://vimeo.com/44057683 The actor is definitely not Swedish, as he has quite a clear German accent, and the ad has the typical American perspective of Swedes as overtly sexually liberated. But it is fun,  and in the … Read moreSwedish fika – a cup of Johan

Swedish cafes in London

Last week I visited 2 cafés serving Swedish/Scandinavian food in London, Scandinavian Kitchen and Nordic Bakery. Scandinavian Kitchen The Scandinavian Kitchen is a nice and friendly little place, which also has a food store inside. It is a 10 minute stroll from Oxford Street tube station. The café serves reasonably priced salads, sandwiches, cakes and … Read moreSwedish cafes in London

Sweden in London: Marylebone

Marylebone is an area of London, UK, which has a particularly high concentration of Swedish-related shops and organisations. If you are in London, and want a taste of Sweden, then there are a few places you may want to check out. Most places are centred around the streets Montagu Place, Crawford Street and Harcourt Street. … Read moreSweden in London: Marylebone

Snart är det påsk!

I Sverige firar många påsken från torsdagen till måndagen. På Skärtorsdagen flyger, enligt folktro, häxorna till Blåkulla för att festa med djävulen. Så på Skärtorsdagen klär barn ut sig till påskkärringar, och går runt och knackar på hos grannarna, och får kanske lite godis. Det är lite som ‘Halloween trick and treat’. I min familj brukade vi inte … Read moreSnart är det påsk!

Snapshots from Stockholm

Much of the snow had melted (!). It was semla season… Hammarby ski slope is a cool place I think, it is a small ski slope in central Stockholm. My mum’s apartment is just a stone’s throw from the slope. Can’t beat a kanelbulle and coffee. We are pretty heavy coffee consumers, among the highest … Read moreSnapshots from Stockholm