Quick guide to Swedish weddings

Swedish wedding traditions It’s summer in Sweden and that often means wedding season. In some ways, Swedish bröllop weddings can be quite different to weddings in other countries. So here’s your quick guide to Swedish traditions! 1. Bruden the bride and brudgummen the groom walk up the aisle together at the beginning of the ceremony. A bride … Read moreQuick guide to Swedish weddings

30 days until launch of Complete Swedish

In 30 days time, the brand new version of Teach Yourself Complete Swedish that I have been writing the past few years will finally be published (yay!). Do you want to develop a solid understanding of Swedish and communicate confidently with others? Through authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations and extensive practice and review, Complete Swedish will … Read more30 days until launch of Complete Swedish

Astrid Lindgren läser sagor på Spotify

Astrid Lindgren’s own readings of some of her most-loved stories are available on Spotify. Listen to Astrid herself reading her stories. The following stories are available: Nils Karlsson-Pyssling Ronja Rövardotter Bröderna Lejonhjärta Madicken Mio, min Mio Emil i Lönneberga, Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga, Än lever Emil i Lönneberga  Rasmus på luffen Pippi Långstrump … Read moreAstrid Lindgren läser sagor på Spotify

Lucia – classic Swedish tradition, or sexist popularity contest?

Today, many Swedish schools will celebrate Lucia. Well-known as a a very typical tradition in Sweden, the day (which is actually the 13th of Dec) commemorates Saint Lucy – a Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution. But as the date is also close to winter solstice it has become a festival of light. However, lately … Read moreLucia – classic Swedish tradition, or sexist popularity contest?