5 ways to stay motivated

In this blog post, I will explore the difference between internal and external motivation, why you want to focus on your internal motivation, and 5 tips on how to do that.

Linnea Henriksson – Du söker bråk, jag kräver dans (lyrics)

  Åh. Jag var inte alls beredd.  Satt och lyssna på Frank Ocean  och allting skedde i slow motion. Vilken träff! Allting blev som tecknad film. Flög små fåglar runt min skalle.  Fick du visa nu hur ball du är? Oh. Du vill så gärna nån ska se dig,  men jag har hela världen med … Read more

Albin – Din soldat (Lyric Video) ft. Kristin Amparo

Låt mig vara din soldat, ey! (3x) [Vers 1:Albin] Har du också tänkt sista gången och gjort samma miss om och om sen? Har du också legat vaken hela nätter, massa press, pressa tänder? Har du också lovar dig själv, att imorgon tar jag tag i mig själv? Har du också provat deras norm? (Sen … Read more

Swedish vs. British weddings

One of my students, who has been to numerous Swedish weddings, has written this brilliant (and, of course, subjective) reflection on Swedish vs British weddings, which she has kindly agreed for me to share. Pictures (apart from last one) by http://www.evaberonius.se  Swedish vs. British Weddings The Ceremony In the UK: A church ceremony typically lasts up … Read more

Så mycket bättre

Så mycket bättre (“So Much Better”) is a Swedish music reality television show on TV4. In the programme, each artist attempts to do their own version of another artists well-known songs, with each person getting an episode featuring all of their songs being performed by the other musicians. The artists spend eight days together at a hotel in Gotland, where … Read more

Ways to think and be drunk in Swedish

This month’s installment of Speak Like a Swede features different ways of saying “think” in Swedish: “tycka”, “tro”, and “tänka”; slang words for being drunk; a Swedish saying about having many names if you’re popular, and learning Swedish by singing. Read it on Nordic Spotlight here!