5 ways to stay motivated

In this blog post, I will explore the difference between internal and external motivation, why you want to focus on your internal motivation, and 5 tips on how to do that.

Interview with a Swedish learner – Gonzalo

This week’s story comes from Gonzalo. He is originally from Peru and is a native Spanish speaker but learned English when he was very young. He lives in London and works as a management consultant in the infrastructure sector. He met Jenny from Sweden in 2012, and they are now married and are expecting their … Read more

The Swedish Number – ring Sverige!

250 years ago, Sweden was the first country to abolish censorship. Now, to celebrate this, Sweden is the first country that has its own phone number. The Swedish Number is a campaign by the Swedish Tourism Board that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to dial in and be connected to a random Swede. Do you … Read more

Top 20 most powerful women in Swedish industry

The industry paper Veckans Affärer have announced this year’s most powerful and influential women in Swedish industry. The winner is Susanna Campbell, newly elected CEO for the private equity firm Ratos. Although happy to be named as the most powerful business woman at the moment, she thinks that it is a shame that such initiatives … Read more

RIP Lasse Brandeby

Lasse Brandeby (27 April 1945 – 20 November 2011) was a Swedish actor, comedian and journalist. He was best known for his quirky character Kurt Olsson, around whom several TV-shows were made in the 1980s and 1990s. He was also known for his other comedic character Rolf Allan Mjunstedt in the TV series Rena rama Rolf where audiences also … Read more