Swedish political parties – Socialdemokraterna

It’s been a while, but here is the next chapter in the series about the political parties in Sweden. Today, we’ll be looking at Socialdemokraterna. The main opposition party in the riksdagen, currently, is Socialdemokraterna – who have been in power for the majority of the time since the 1930’s. Partiledare: Håkan Juholt Partisekreterare: Carin … Read moreSwedish political parties – Socialdemokraterna

Swedish political parties – Kristdemokraterna

Kristdemokraterna is also a member of the governing Alliance in the Swedish parliament. Partiledare: Göran Hägglund Partisekreterare: Acko Ankarberg Johansson Current political orientation: Christian democracy, social conservatism The party was founded in 1964, and came out of a movement against the Swedish government’s decision in 1963 to remove religious education from the elementary school curriculum. … Read moreSwedish political parties – Kristdemokraterna

Swedish political parties – Centerpartiet

The third party in this series, of eight in total, is Centerpartiet – also a part of the governing Alliance. Partiledare: Maud Olofsson Partisekreterare: Michael Arthursson Current political orientation: social liberal, with a focus on agricultural, environmental and rural questions. The party was founded in 1913, and was then called Bondeförbundet (Farmers’ League). Previously, the … Read moreSwedish political parties – Centerpartiet

Swedish political parties – Folkpartiet

It’s time for the second edition in the new blog series about the Swedish political parties in Riksdagen. Next out is Folkpartiet, who are also a part of the governing coalition – together with Moderaterna, Centerpartiet and Kristdemokraterna. Partiledare: Jan Björklund Partisekreterare: Nina Larsson Current political orientation: social liberalism. Folkpartiet is currently the fourth largest … Read moreSwedish political parties – Folkpartiet

Swedish political parties – Moderaterna

This post will kick-start a new blog series about the Swedish political landscape, which contains of 8 political parties in Riksdagen. In 8 blog posts, I will give a brief overview of each party – including their history, current positions and leaders. First out is the main party in power at the moment – Moderaterna. … Read moreSwedish political parties – Moderaterna