This made my day today!

Helping someone to develop new language skills is not just about teaching them how to conjugate verbs or how to pronounce “sju sjösjuka sjömän”. It is about helping them to find a new voice, confidence, and a new identity in the new language. In order to do this, I think it’s important to develop a relationship with the learner. I love to find out what my learners are like, what makes them tick, what they hate, what hobbies and interests they have, what jokes they find funny, and so on.

Because I feel personally quite close to all my students, the downside of my job is that I often miss them a lot when they leave/move to Sweden. It may sound a bit silly, but it is true. It is so sad to see them go, even though I am so proud of their achievements.

Therefore, it really means the world to me to hear back from old students and see how they have got on with their Swedish. This little message on Skype from a previous student made my day today 🙂


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