Swedish verbs – Easy or difficult? Or both?

In this blog post, we’ll look into if Swedish verbs are easy or difficult to master, and what strategy you should use to learn them. You can also check out our very popular Swedish verbs 101 Bootcamp; an intensive course with a unique formula for memorising verbs once and for all. What are verbs? Verbs […]

Best way to learn Swedish

What is the best way to learn Swedish? Would you like to start (or re-start) learning Swedish, but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering what the best way is to learn Swedish? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different websites, books, apps, courses and online resources? If this is you, then read […]

What are prepositions and time expressions?

What are prepositions and time expressions?  Prepositions are a word category You probably know this already, but languages are made up of different word categories. Each category includes words that have a specific function. For example, a verb is a word category that helps us express and understand what is happening (running, talking, studying, being, etc). Adjectives describe things […]

Why are Swedish prepositions so hard to learn?

Swedish prepositions

Are Swedish prepositions getting you down? Should I use ‘i’ or ‘på’ with days of the week? Am I sitting ‘i’ or ‘på’ the sofa? If you have ever asked yourself these types of questions, you are like most other Swedish learners. 🙂 When asking students what they struggle most with in terms of their […]

How to set realistic language goals (and achieve them)

The art of setting language goals One thing that many learners find difficult is to set up realistic language goals. When we ask what our students’ language goals are, many learners say things like “get better at Swedish”, “become fluent in Swedish”, or “being able to speak Swedish”.  While these goals are understandable, they are […]

Swedish vowels – Å, Ä, Ö

Would you like to learn or improve how to actually say those last three confusing letters in the Swedish alphabet? We’re talking about the Swedish vowels Å Ä Ö. Swedish has 9 vowels in the alphabet! Apart from the ‘extra’ letters Å Ä Ö, we also consider Y as a vowel. And all our 9 […]

Tycka, tänka, tro and how to use them

Sweden winter

Tycka, tänka, tro: 3 words for ‘to think’ If you find the three Swedish verbs tycka, tänka and tro difficult to separate, you are NOT alone. At the end of this post, there is also  free mobile and desktop wallpapers that you can download and use as a reminder on your mobile phone and computer/laptop. […]

Sexy in Swedish – 44 romantic Swedish phrases

How to be Sexy in Swedish Have you ever wondered how to be more sexy in Swedish? When you are learning Swedish, chances are that the course books include everyday language that is very helpful for getting by in Sweden in general. However, you will probably not find intimate and sexy phrases in these types […]

Swedish sayings t-shirts and more

swedish sayings t-shirts

Swedish sayings are crazy. There is no cow on the ice, owls in the bog, and gnomes in the attic… But they are fun, and always trigger laughs and discussions. We now have a little shop on Redbubble where you can buy t-shirts, cups, note books, mobile skins, bags and more with some of these sayings. In case you are looking for a Swedish-related Christmas gift, some of these might be fun.

The Swedish Word Ju

swedish word ju

Many of our students ask us about the Swedish word ju. It’s a sentence adverb (satsadverb) that we use very often in Swedish On the whole, it means something along the lines of ‘as you/we already know/are aware of’, or ‘as I have already mentioned’. Here are 6 examples of how you can use the […]