We’re very proud to reveal that our online course SPEAK LIKE A SWEDE got shortlisted at the 2020 Digital Education Awards

One of the judges said: 

“Absolutely love this. Anneli Beronius Haake’s and Stefan Holmström’s enthusiasm is infectious! Brilliant use of carefully thought out tasks for improving pronunciation techniques. One of the failings of many language apps is the lack of instruction on how to reproduce the sounds heard. This program deals with this wonderfully! I would love to see this expanded to cover other nordic countries. It would help us all! Well done team.”

Gratis dokument och videos för att förbättra din svenska / Free downloads and videos to help you to progress your Swedish

Trackers, grammar guides, planners and checklists

Videos about pronunciation and grammar

Flashcards for vocabulary

Kurser / Courses

Courses that you can start today! Swedish pronunciation, Swedish grammar and more. 

SPEAK LIKE A SWEDE – Accent Reduction and Pronunciation (ÖPPEN)

Swedish Time Expressions Pro (ÖPPEN)

Swedish Grammar Made Easy – A Grammarphobe’s Guide to Swedish Grammar (ÖPPEN)

Verbs 101 Bootcamp (STÄNGD)

Fikar du ensam? Kom till SME Språkkafé Online

I’ve been going along to the Språkkafé for a few months now and have really gained confidence in speaking and understanding Swedish. Like many of us, I suspect, I don’t have many chances to practise speaking (with real people!); but the café gives the perfect opportunity to do this in a supportive environment. I was quite nervous to begin with but soon felt very comfortable as everyone was very helpful and encouraging. No-one is testing or judging you, and the important thing is that you can speak as much or as little as you like. You meet people from all over the world and get to speak Swedish – a double win! I also like the fact that there are different levels of confidence and proficiency – it’s certainly not the case that everyone at the café speaks fluent Swedish (as I can demonstrate!). Daniel is also there to offer support and encouragement – and help us when we can’t find the right word. The kafé is a great way to really feel in touch both with the language and with other learners of Swedish.

Fikar du ensam? Har du ingen att prata svenska med? Kom och häng med oss på vårt språkkafé online. 

  • Träna på att prata svenska i en liten grupp online
  • Träffa andra studenter från hela världen
  • Lärarledda sessioner, online via Zoom
  • Låg kostnad
  • Ingen restid

Privatlektioner i svenska online – individuellt eller i par / Private Swedish lessons online – one to one or couples

Nybörjare till mellannivå / Beginner to intermediate level.

Autentiska samtal, utökning av ordförråd, förklaring av grammatik samt träning och repetition, med ljudsupport online / Authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations and extensive practice and review, with online audio support.

Ta ett gratis prov för att hitta din nivå! Take a free test to find your level!

Undrar du vilken nivå din svenska ligger på just nu? Wondering what your Swedish level is right now?

Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev och ta testet för att se var du ligger på den Gemensamma Europeiska Referensramen för Språk. Sign up to our newsletter and take our test to find out where you are on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Du får också ett mejl nästa dag som förklarar vad varje nivå innebär och vad du behöver göra för att förbättra din svenska. You’ll also receive an email the next day to explain what each level means and what you need to work on to improve your Swedish. 


Språk bygger broar / Language builds bridges

Språk bygger kulturell förståelse / Language builds cultural understanding

Språk är integration / Language is integration

In this world right now, language bridges and cultural understanding are more important than ever. We believe in using modern technology to share the Swedish language and culture across the globe. Here is the story of how Swedish Made Easy came into being.

Swedish teachers Anneli and Daniel, the shortest and the tallest teachers in the world. 🙂

Är det här du? / Is this you?

I want to study Swedish but I don’t want to (or can’t) travel to a particular place at a particular time.

I want a Swedish teacher to guide me, but I don’t want to sit in a group among other learners.

I feel self-conscious and embarrassed about trying to speak Swedish and would like help with pronunciation.

I find Swedish grammar confusing, and I don’t even know what an adverb or a preposition is.

I have a child that needs flexible Swedish tuition from home.

I haven’t found any resources that give me a real foundation on how to actually put sentences together.

If any of these statements resonate with you, Swedish Made Easy is here for you. We offer one-to-one or couple’s Swedish lessons via Skype/Zoom, as well as online courses. We’re qualified teachers and native Swedes.

Click here to read more about Swedish for children. 

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Hours Taught Online

Here's what some of our students say

Swedish lessons with Daniel have propelled me at a pace much faster than I had expected. I had been taking lessons in person with a local teacher, but it wasn’t until I switched to sessions with Daniel that I began feeling competent and seeing progress. He is such an excellent balance of challenging and patient, and always encouraging. For someone like me starting from the beginning, he is the best choice. Our lessons are a mix of homework review, textbook lessons, reading articles in Swedish and going through worksheets he’s made himself. He guides me through the content, but also listens to the areas I want to focus on and factors them in to the curriculum. After 30+ hours of lessons, I couldn’t be happier to have him as a teacher!
Jennifer Farel
I started learning Swedish 3 months before I got to Stockholm to start my Master’s. And boy am I glad that I started right away with Anneli! The goal for me was simple (if not easy) – to learn enough Swedish in 2 years that it is not an issue when applying for jobs. Fast forward 1.5 years, standing somewhere between B2 and C1, I could not be happier with our progress. After arriving in Stockholm, while my non-Swedish friends were busy dabbling with Duolingo and considering going to SFI classes, I was already on way to finishing up B1. All that elitist talk, just to get across the point that taking classes with Anneli will give you an insurmountable edge. By the way, all of them gave up on learning Swedish... Swedes’ good English is a hidden curse because you can get by without learning Swedish. In fact, it took a while before they stopped switching to English with me. That’s why I found it all the more valuable when Anneli started conversing almost exclusively in Swedish with me after our first 3 months. I needed all that practice (and still do..). Her patience and genuine curiosity meant that I was not afraid of making mistakes in Swedish – something I wish I could say for the other languages that I am learning. This also makes the classes with her a lot of fun! I still look forward to every single one of my classes with her. Finally – and this one’s a doozy – it is the most efficient way of learning Swedish. I can’t afford to spend my time commuting to a 3 hour-long evening course with perhaps 15 min of personal attention from a teacher.
Sid Agarwal
PhD Candidate

Looking for your Swedish heritage?

Do you have Swedish roots? Looking to trace them but don’t know where to start? Trying to make sense of old church books and records?

Head over to our partner Caroline, The Swedish Genealogist, for more information and resources.