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The Swedish course book

Teach Yourself Complete Swedish is the perfect gift for someone who would like to start learning Swedish, or has been doing Duolingo for a while and now needs more structure.

The book covers levels A1 to early B2 (beginners to upper intermediate). 

There is free audio for this course. It’s available to download to the Teach Yourself Library app, or to stream via the Teach Yourself Library website.

This book is also perfect together with the course Now Drive We.

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The ÅÄÖ+SJ pronunciation course

This course teaches how to actually pronounce the Swedish letters ÅÄÖ and also the SJ-sound. It’s perfect for beginners.

It uses anatomy, so learners can learn how these vowels FEEL. That way, they don’t have to rely on their ears. In fact, many learners find it hard to just simply ‘Listen and Repeat’. It’s very hard to know how to improve, if you don’t understand what to actually do with your lips and your tongue.

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The 100 Svenska Adjektiv course

This course teaches 100 common Swedish adjectives. They will learn the forms of adjectives (basic form, T-form, and A-form). They will also have example sentences for all forms, along with additional comments on meaning, exceptions, and suggestions for which prepositions that can be used.

Each lesson includes form exercises, and there are also summary exercises – 495 exercises in total.

It’s perfect for late beginners and early intermediates (A1+, A2 and B1).

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Funny t-shirts, cups, bags etc

I’ve got a number of fun collections of t-shirts, tops, cases, bags, stickers, phone cases, mugs and more, that you definitely should have a look at!

Choose colours, sizes and products.

I have my classic ‘Tala inte svenska med mig är du snäll’- collection, but also some fun and weird Swedish sayings, translated into English. Perfect as a gift to someone.

I sell these on Redbubble, so just click on the link and you can look through all the products on their website (click on ‘Shop all products’ under each of the four images to view everything).

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Price range: $50/£40/€47/545kr - $300/£245/€280/3300kr

1 private Swedish

Give away one 1-to-1 lesson on Zoom with Swedish Made Easy to a loved one.

They can choose their teacher (Anneli or Daniel) as they wish.

Valid to book for 100 days.

1 Swedish lesson voucher

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The Now Drive We course

This course teaches Swedish in a brain-friendly way through literal English translations (useful, and also very funny!).

Includes learning how to decode Swedish, learning Swedish pronunciation and reductions, and practicing Active & Passive Listening.

The course, which includes ongoing Live Q&A’s with Anneli, follows the first 7 chapters of the book Complete Swedish, so the person also needs to have that book to do this course.

Learners will have access to the course (including ongoing live Q&A’s) for as long as they like.

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The Swedish Verbs Bootcamp course

5 weeks intense Bootcamp course online to drill and memorise the most useful Swedish verbs in all five forms.

Unique Bootcamp Weekly Training Programme with circuits, Warm Up & Cool Down.

Study hours per week: 6-8 (for 5 weeks).

Course access for 3 months from purchase.

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The Swedish Grammar Made Easy course

The Swedish course for Grammar-phobes!

This course gives an insight into all the different grammar categories and explains all the things the learner needs to know, that the school teachers didn’t tell them.

The learner gets an introduction to how Swedish is different to English.

They’ll also get downloadable cheat sheets, access to Quizlet flashcard sets, as well as downloadable cheat sheet wallpapers for mobile and desktop, so they can remind themselves of the grammar rules wherever they are.

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5 private Swedish lessons

Treat someone to 5 private lessons on Zoom with Swedish Made Easy.

They can choose their teacher (Anneli or Daniel) as they wish.

Valid to book for 150 days.

5 Swedish lessons voucher

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Price range: $300/£245/€280/3300kr - $600/£490/€565/6550kr

The Tone Your Swedish course

Only the finest for a very special person…

Our comprehensive course, Tone Your Swedish, unlocks the secrets of impeccable pronunciation, authentic Swedish rhythm and intonation, and the ability to speak Swedish with finesse. 

From vowels to consonants, contractions and reductions, intonation and melody, dialects to regional variations, the learner will conquer the intricate world of Swedish pronunciation.

Learn the anatomy of Swedish pronunciation; feel how it feels in the vocal tract, with the help of unique MRI video illustrations and lip/tongue coordination exercises.

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10 private Swedish lessons

Treat someone to 10 private lessons on Zoom with Swedish Made Easy.

They can choose their teacher (Anneli or Daniel) as they wish.

Valid to book for 200 days.

10 Swedish lessons voucher

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