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We've got a number of fun collections of t-shirts, tops, cases, bags, stickers, phone cases, mugs and more, that you must have a look at! Choose colours, sizes and products.
We have our classic 'Tala inte svenska med mig är du snäll'- collection, but also some fun and weird Swedish sayings, translated into English. Perfect for you, or as a gift to someone. We sell them on Redbubble, so just click on the collections below and you can look through all the products on their website.

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“Don’t speak English to me please” The perfect gift for someone who is learning Swedish and needs to practice. Or if you are a Swedish learner who wants to discourage Swedes to speak English to you, so you can practice your Swedish.

This Swedish saying is about making it right. When everything has turned into a mess and it’s time make a drastic change and be more organised. Then it is time for other buns. Swedes like buns and they like baking, so other buns is a positive thing. An opportunity to get things sorted and nice-smelling!

This is a popular saying in Sweden, which quite simply means “Don’t worry”. It remains unknown how often Swedish cattle are milling about on frozen lakes, but it’s no stretch of the imagination to understand that a cow on ice would be definitely worth worrying about.

To suspect owls in the bog means to suspect something… well, suspicious. Especially if they are in a bog. Owls are very shifty indeed. Just look at the TV-series Twin Peaks… Perfect for someone studying Swedish, or someone who enjoys idiomatic expressions.