SME Resoursbibliotek / Resource Library

Välkommen till vårt Resursbibliotek med gratis dokument, videos och länkar så du kan förbättra din svenska! / Welcome to our Resource Library with free downloads, videos and links to help you progress your Swedish!

Gratis nedladdningar / Free Downloads

Get Organised

Resource Checklist – handy checklist to sort out what Swedish learning resources you have and what you need to get. 

Motivation Builder (Goal Setter + Vision setter) – The Goal Setter will help you to set realistic goals, and the Vision Setter will remind you of where you want to get to, and help you through any tough patches along the way.

Planner Kit – Use our Weekly and Monthly Planner to set out exactly what you’re going to do next. Then use the Monthly Review to check on your progress and note what you need to work on more. 

Total Beginner

Total Beginner 100 Items – Want to get started from scratch learning a few useful Swedish words or phrases? Join our free Total Beginners Quizlet class, with 100 beginners items that you can practice in front of your computer or on your phone (just download the Quizlet app). Practice pronunciation, memorisation, writing, spelling. 

Learning to Learn E-book – In this book, we’ll explain how to best learn a language, we’ll debunk some common myths about language learning and you’ll get an introduction to some basic grammar concepts that you’ll need along the way.

Vocab Tracker – In our Vocab Tracker, you can note down new words you come across. You’ll write down what it means in your language, and also what type of word it is (verb, adjective, noun, etc).

Course Books

Teach Yourself Complete Swedish – comprehensive self-study book from beginner to intermediate with audio support, written by Swedish Made Easy’s own Dr Anneli Haake. Grammar explained in English. 

Rivstart series – a popular course book we often use in our private lessons. From A1-C1. Everything is in Swedish (not recommended as a self-study book until at least intermediate level). 

Form i fokus – our favourite grammar exercise book. Might be difficult to get hold of outside of Sweden, but can be ordered within EU via Bokus.  

Short Stories in Swedish for beginners – a fun book where you learn Swedish and explore vocab through short stories. The concept exists in other languages, but this book has been translated into Swedish by Swedish Made Easy’s own Daniel Lind. 

Paid Online Courses

SPEAK LIKE A SWEDE: Accent Reduction and Pronunciation – Would you like to sound more Swedish? Never got the hang of how to say sjuksköterska, or what the difference is between Å, Ä and Ö? Or when G or K is pronounced hard or soft Feel unsure of where to stress a word when you pronounce it? If this is you, then this comprehensive online course is definitely for you! Unique collaboration between Swedish teacher Anneli Haake and opera singer and Estill Voice Trainer Stefan Holmström. Enrol once and have access to the course as long as you like. SAVE £100 BY ENROLLING BEFORE 31 AUGUST 2020.

Swedish Grammar Made Easy: A grammarphobe’s Guide to Swedish Grammar – online, self-paced course teaching you all you need to know about grammar. Perfect if you feel unsure of what for ex adverbs and conjunctions are, even in English. The course explains all the grammatical categories that your school teacher didn’t teach you, and also highlights how Swedish grammar is different from English grammar and what you need to think about when you learn Swedish grammar.   

Swedish Verbs 101 Bootcamp – intense 5 week bootcamp where you get a uniquely designed training programme to drill in the 50 most common and useful verbs in Swedish, in all forms. If it’s closed, you can join a waiting list here

Swedish Time Expressions Pro – online, self-paced spotlight course to teach you all the tricky time expressions and time prepositions. 

Conversation practice for intermediate and beyond

SME Språkkafé – kom till vårt online språkkafé på Zoom! Vi har språkkafé varje vecka på onsdagkvällar (kl 18-19 engelsk tid). Träna på att prata svenska i liten grupp.  

Private online lessons with a teacher

Online lessons with Anneli / Daniel – study Swedish with a qualified native teacher from your home. All levels (A1-C1). Friendly guidance and clear explanations, help with pronunciation, help with building up a robust study routine.  

5 tricky time prepositions (free mini e-book)

‘I, på, för, om…?’

If you are one of the many Swedish learners who struggle with time prepositions, don’t fear! We have some good news for you. 

Firstly, you are NOT alone. 🙂 

Secondly, we’ve put together a little mini e-book for you so you can learn the 5 trickiest time prepositions, all in one go!

You won’t find all the time prepositions gathered all in one place in other course books, and this one is FREE.

Just sign up to our newsletter below and you can download the PDF immediately. Lätt som en plätt!

Free Quizlet course: Swedish and the coronavirus

The world is changing before our very eyes, and the Covid-19 outbreak is what everyone is talking about right now. 

Therefore, we’re starting a free Quizlet class where we add one new lesson weekly with a number of words and phrases that related to the current situation. When you learn these words, it will be easier for you to follow news and media in Swedish, and understand all the details of what is happening. 

Just sign up to our mailing list below to get immediate access. 

Swedish Pronunciation Corner

Free mini course: How to say Å, Ä, Ö

Would you like to learn or improve how you say those last 3 confusing letters in the Swedish alphabet – Å, Ä and Ö? Would you like to hear how they are being pronounced, and get tips and tricks on how to say them? 

When you sign up to our mailing list for our FREE mini pronunciation video course, you get access to 3 free videos that specifically teaches you how to pronounce the Swedish vowels Å, Ä and Ö. Enroll in our video course, and you get to learn exactly how to pronounce them.

Free video lesson: How to say the SJ-sound

‘Shjjj’…, ‘Hhjjhh’…, ‘Hhwww’…, ‘Shhh’… How DO you actually say the Swedish SJ-sound?

We have a new blog post out where we:
– explain what the sound actually is
– offer a FREE video lesson where Stefan Holmström (opera singer and voice trainer) teaches you how to produce the sound, and Anneli Beronius Haake (Swedish teacher) shows you all the common spellings of this sound.

Psychology of Learning

Grammar and Vocab videos

Studiegrupp på Facebook / Study group on Facebook

  • Lär dig svenska / Learn Swedish
  • Få stöd och motivation / Get support and motivation
  • Lär känna andra som lär sig svenska / Connect with others learning Swedish
  • Umgås och ställ frågor / Interact and ask questions
  • Modererat av /Moderated by Anneli & Daniel
  • Live-sändningar om krånglig grammatik / Live sessions on tricky grammar topics
  • Nyheter om nya kurser och resurser / News about new courses and resources