Interview with a Swedish learner – Matthew

This week we’ve interviewed Matthew, 39, who is originally from South Manchester in the UK. He has been living in Sweden for over 3 years now with his Swedish partner Sofia and more recently their two children James and Grace. In this interview, Matthew tells us about his Swedish language journey, his proudest moment as a Swedish speaker and what he has learnt along the way.

Interview with a Swedish learner – Jamie

This week’s interviewee is Jamie. He is 36 years old and from Ottawa, Canada. He moved to Stockholm in 2015 after meeting his wife. In some ways he says he is a typical Canadian- he loves Hockey and Maple Syrup! He also loves his adopted homeland Sweden. He received his citizenship in 2018 and feels […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Elena

Elena comes from Italy but has been living abroad for many years – right now her home is in Lund. She teaches Japanese online and she shares her experiences as an introvert language learner on She likes dogs, fredagsmys and sunny days. What led you to want to learn Swedish? At first, I met […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Gonzalo

This week’s story comes from Gonzalo. He is originally from Peru and is a native Spanish speaker but learned English when he was very young. He lives in London and works as a management consultant in the infrastructure sector. He met Jenny from Sweden in 2012, and they are now married and are expecting their […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Marilena

Marilena is a biologist who works as a researcher in a well-known research institute. She arrived in Sweden a couple of years ago, moving from her home country, Greece, to work in Stockholm. Even though Swedish winters can be hard for Mediterranean people, she loves Stockholm for its parks, restaurants, amazing bars and widely preserved […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – George

George is a civil servant. He’s originally from London but now lives in Essex. He’s currently revisiting verbs forms. What led you to want to learn Swedish? I’ve been interested in Swedish and Nordic culture for a long time, and learning Swedish has been an extension of that. I wish I could say I’m learning […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – James

James is a radiographer working in an NHS hospital in the UK. He was raised in Southport, Lancashire, but currently lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, but he is hoping on finding work in Sweden in the not-too-distant future. James likes to ride his bicycles a lot and successfully completed Vätternrundan, a 180 mile ride around Lake Vättern, in Sweden in 2015. […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Elena

Elena has been living in Stockholm since January 2013. She worked in a Swedish telecom company in Russia and almost 3 years ago she was invited to work in Stockholm. It changed her life. She fell in love in Stockholm, with a Swedish guy. Elena’s first impressions of Stockholm was not so nice: darkness, cold, […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Carolina

Carolina comes from Spain, from a small town close to Barcelona. She did her PhD in Barcelona and moved to Umeå after that to work as a postdoc. Her research is focused on environmental radioactivity and peatlands. But that is not her only interests! She likes doing a lot of other things too. During her […]

Interview with a Swedish learner – Jess

Jess is 21 and has been living in Sweden for the past year. She moved to Sweden to be with her girlfriend and their five Golden Retrievers. They moved from Uppsala to Örebro at the end of August last year and now have their own flat in Mosås. She is currently studying SVAS 1 (Swedish as another language) and […]