Best way to learn Swedish

What is the best way to learn Swedish? Would you like to start (or re-start) learning Swedish, but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering what the best way is to learn Swedish? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different websites, books, apps, courses and online resources? If this is you, then read […]

How to set realistic language goals (and achieve them)

The art of setting language goals One thing that many learners find difficult is to set up realistic language goals. When we ask what our students’ language goals are, many learners say things like “get better at Swedish”, “become fluent in Swedish”, or “being able to speak Swedish”.  While these goals are understandable, they are […]

Is Swedish hard to learn?

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Is Swedish hard to learn?

Well, it depends, of course. It depends on what your native language is, and whether it is close to Swedish. So for example, if your native language is German, then Swedish will be quite easy to learn. It also depends on the complexity of the language. For an English speaker, Swedish is not that complex, compared to many other languages. Compared to English, the pronunciation may be a bit of a challenge. In this blog post, you’ll get links to pronunciation videos and also an interesting infographics showing the hardest languages to learn and how Swedish compares.

The Plate Spinner

When we talk about the process of language learning with our learners, we often refer to the concept of a plate spinner. We use this metaphor because we think it captures very well the process of language learning.

Interview with a Swedish learner – Matthew

This week we’ve interviewed Matthew, 39, who is originally from South Manchester in the UK. He has been living in Sweden for over 3 years now with his Swedish partner Sofia and more recently their two children James and Grace. In this interview, Matthew tells us about his Swedish language journey, his proudest moment as a Swedish speaker and what he has learnt along the way.

Challenges in language learning

Language learning challenges for adults Some time ago, we were at the Language Show Live in London. We gave a talk about challenges that you may face as an adult language learner, during the language learning process. We wanted to talk about the most common challenges that we see among students. Not just Swedish students, […]

Swedish lesson online: what can I expect?

swedish lesson online

What are Swedish lessons online with Swedish Made Easy like? How do we work, and what material do we use? How can you best prepare for your Swedish lesson online? Our Swedish lessons online Our lessons usually include the following: brief improvised conversation (to get used to real-life conversations) going through homework together (to give […]

How long to learn Swedish

Many students ask how long it takes to learn Swedish. It’s super important to know this when you start learning a language, so you can plan your studies and set realistic goals. I have created a guideline to how many hours it usually takes to reach each language level (according to the CEFR levels). This […]

Swedish Exam – Känner du till SWEDEX?

Swedish Exam (aka SWEDEX) Do you know of SWEDEX? It is an internationally recognised Swedish language exam, and it relates to the Common European Framework of Reference For Languages. You can currently take the exam at 3 different levels: A2, B1 and B2. The Swedish Institute has approved Swedex and you can take the test […]