I only wish this sort of course was available in all my languages I am learning. I have never come across a course like this before. This is a first for me and the course is fun, with Stefan and Anneli guiding you through the sounds of the letters and how to make them. It is also quite amusing for anyone listening to you while you do it!
This course cultivates a genuine interest in how we, as humans, use the anatomy of our vocal tract to generate sound. It then goes on to connect this newfound anatomical knowledge to the generation of legit Swedish pronunciation. Approximately 15 years of constant struggle have generated, for me, a decent facsimile of Swedish pronunciation. All I can say is that I wish I would have had access to this course a decade and a half ago! My confidence in speaking Swedish gone up dramatically (my wife is SHOCKED!!!). The brainpower that was formally used in worrying about being understood has now been freed up to start mastering prosody, as well as my reading and writing abilities. The difference is palpable. THANK YOU for creating this tool for myself and the others that are doggedly pursuing the lofty goal of learning to speak Swedish!
I really like it! The Tongue, Lip and Larynx gym videos brought my attention to how the sounds were made and the gym very much helped in learning how to use everything in my mouth to pronounce the different letters, letter combinations and words.
I have been studying Swedish for many years in many ways, but this is the first course that has taught me how my pronunciation is directly related to anatomy in a way that I can remember it and then practice it. The use of models and videos of the larynx and vocal tract make it easy to visualize what is going on inside the mouth and throat when speaking. The clear explanations about the Swedish vowel groups help describe the relationships of the vowels to one another and also give a good idea of the full vowel space that we are manipulating when we speak, again in a way that makes it easy to put the exercises into practice when speaking. This course has helped my confidence in Swedish pronunciation which makes it easier to seek out opportunities to speak which is really the only way to truly improve.

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From vowels to consonants, contractions and reductions, intonation and melody, dialects to regional variations, you’ll conquer the intricate world of Swedish pronunciation.

Learn the anatomy of Swedish pronunciation; feel how it feels in your vocal tract, so you don’t have to rely on your ear.

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Swedish is a melodic language, and in our course you’ll learn to master stress, melody and intonation. Discover the unique music behind each word and sentence through song and rhythm exercises.

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From Stockholm to Skåne, Dalarna to Göteborg, embrace the diverse world of some common Swedish dialects. Tone Your Swedish gives you the tools to explore and adapt effortlessly, and empowers you to perfect your Swedish. 

Enhance Your Skills

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced learner, our course tailors the content to your level, ensuring you consistently progress. All audio is in Swedish. You’ll have a choice of English and Swedish subtitles, so you can understand everything that is being said, as well as practice your listening comprehension through immersion.

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Learning Swedish is fun, but it can also be frustrating, especially when you haven’t dedicated enough time to pronunciation training.

Here are some common difficulties Swedish learners might experience:


Without proper pronunciation, you risk being misunderstood. Imagine asking for a “glas” (glass) and getting a “glass” (ice cream) instead. Such miscommunications can lead to frustration.

Loss of Confidence

Poor pronunciation can lead to a lack of confidence. You may hesitate to speak, fearing ridicule or embarrassment. This lack of confidence will hinder your progress.

Difficulty in Listening

We have 29 letters in the alphabet, but we have 18 vowel sounds and 25 consonant sounds. In other words, spoken Swedish is different compared to written Swedish. If you can’t pronounce words correctly, you may struggle to understand other Swedish speakers. This can be immensely frustrating, as of course you want to engage in real Swedish conversations!

Cultural Barriers

Correct pronunciation isn’t just about words; it’s also about cultural nuances. Mispronunciation might inadvertently confuse Swedes, or they might have to strain to understand you. This can create barriers in forming meaningful connections.

Feeling “Foreign”

Without proper Swedish pronunciation, you may feel like a perpetual outsider in the Swedish language community. Feeling foreign even after learning the language, or after living many years in Sweden, can be disheartening.

The frustrations coming from inadequate pronunciation training can make your Swedish language learning journey less enjoyable.


To overcome these challenges, focusing on pronunciation is essential.

It not only enhances your Swedish skills but also boosts your confidence, enriches your cultural understanding, and makes the learning process far more rewarding.

5 Common Myths about Swedish Pronunciation

“I Can Be Understood, That’s Enough.”

While basic intelligibility is essential, precise Swedish pronunciation enhances your overall communication. It helps you convey nuances, emotions, and intentions accurately, avoiding misunderstandings.

“I’ll Sound Like a Parody of Swedes if I Overemphasise Pronunciation.”

The goal isn’t parody speech but clarity and authenticity. Swedish pronunciation training equips you to speak naturally while being understood. It’s about striking a balance, not sacrificing your unique voice.

“It’s Too Difficult, I’ll Never Get It Right.”

Pronunciation is a skill that improves with practice. It’s about anatomy and muscle coordination. It’s about progress, not perfection. Even small improvements can significantly boost your confidence and communication skills.

“I Can Always Use Translation Apps.”

Relying solely on translation apps limits your Swedish skills. Developing proper pronunciation enhances your speaking and listening abilities, enriching your overall Swedish experience.

“I Don’t Need It for My Goals.”

Precise Swedish pronunciation doesn’t just benefit your own verbal communication; it also aids in listening comprehension and cultural integration. It can open doors to deeper connections and better opportunities.

Tone Your Swedish is a long-term investment in your Swedish skills. The benefits it provides extends beyond just learning the Swedish language, helping you in various personal and professional situations throughout your life.

All 18 vowel sounds

All 25 consonant sounds

Advanced pronunciation training

MRI videos

Swedish and English subtitles

PDF documents

🛠️ Cutting-Edge Tools and Unique Frameworks

In Tone Your Swedish, we’ve combined the power of cutting-edge tools and unique frameworks to offer you a pronunciation course like no other. We believe that to truly master Swedish pronunciation, you need more than just ‘listen and repeat after me’.

Our approach goes deeper, helping you understand what’s happening inside the vocal tract, and it sets a new standard for language learning. Here’s a glimpse of what makes our course special:

🎥 MRI Videos for Inner Insights: Ever wondered what’s going on inside your vocal tract when you speak Swedish? We provide you with access to MRI videos that unveil the secrets of Swedish pronunciation. See precisely how your tongue, lips, and vocal cords work together to produce each sound, giving you an unprecedented understanding of pronunciation.

🌟 123-Method for Intonation Mastery: Our one-of-a-kind 123-method is designed for those looking to master Swedish intonation. This innovative framework is the practical key to unlocking the melodic aspects of the language, letting you converse with the rhythm and melody that Swedish speakers use every day.

🌐 Online Accessibility: We understand that your life is dynamic, which is why our course is accessible online. Learn at your pace, at your convenience. Our platform ensures that you can practice from the comfort of your own home.


Stefan Holmström is an opera singer, voice teacher, Estill Master Trainer and course creator. He was born in Dalarna and grew up in Ångermanland. He trained at the music academies of Gothenburg and Malmö and also at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He has a special interest in vocal anatomy and physiology and applying this knowledge to train pronunciation in different languages.


Anneli Beronius Haake is a Swedish teacher, course creator, founder of Swedish Made Easy, qualified SWEDEX test leader and the author of Teach Yourself Complete Swedish. She was born in Stockholm, grew up in a small village outside Ludvika and moved to England for love. She has studied musicology and music psychology as well as education studies, and has a keen interest in the musical qualities of language.

Don’t let mispronunciations hinder your Swedish language journey.

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