Hej! I’m Dr Anneli Haake, and I believe in using modern technology to share the Swedish language and culture across the globe.

Some words from previous students:

The teaching was structured yet relaxed, intense but enjoyable. Most importantly, I could quickly see the results and my confidence in speaking Swedish rapidly improved. Anneli’s classes were always well prepared, interesting and adjusted to my needs. Apart from being a great teacher, she is fun and a real pleasure to talk to and I genuinely enjoyed my time with her.

Anneli’s teaching is clear, well-structured and proved to be very effective providing me with a strong foundation for medical work in Sweden. I can now communicate with ease with my colleagues and patients, and feel confident using Swedish in everyday situations. This could not be achieved without Anneli’s commitment and teaching techniques. Her classes not only gave me a strong language skills but were also truly enjoyable and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


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Interested in lessons? Lesson prices, how long does it take to learn Swedish, do I need to get books, how to pay, etc? E-mail me on iwanttolearnswedish (at) gmail.com

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Idag är det lite vårkänsla i Stockholm. Solen skiner och snön smälter. Jag sitter på Arlanda Express. Vad gör du? ...

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