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Happy 10th anniversary!

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10 years ago, I started teaching my very first student. This was before Skype had gone mainstream and was only in its infancy. I was studying for my PhD, and I took on another couple of students – the idea of teaching Swedish was so much more appealing than working extra in a pub.

Since then, I have taught over 210 students, for more than 9,000 hours. I set up a website, an online booking system, social media profiles. I have become a qualified SWEDEX examiner. I have got a teaching degree (oh, and my PhD too of course!).

Some of you have popped in for a lesson or two, whereas some have now been with me for over 5 years. Some of you have studied intensively, some less frequently. Some of you have stopped and then come back again. Some of you now live in Sweden. Some of you have now got children. Some of you have lived in Sweden and now moved somewhere else. Some of you became sambo or got married. Some of you are now divorced. I have talked to teenagers and pensioners, men and women. I have talked to doctors, nurses, midwives, authors, IT programmers, students, lecturers, managing directors, editors, archaeologists, solicitors, store managers, computer game designers, psychologists, priests, football coaches, sales people, HR people, marketing people, embassy workers, postmen, economists, bankers, musicians, film makers, translators, dancers, dog kennel owners, marine biologists, veterinary surgeons, post docs, PhD students, pharmacists, recruiters, entrepreneurs, unemployed and more. I have taught via Skype from the UK, from Sweden, from the US. You have Skyped in from all over the world, into my little computer, across time zones and space.

I have taught Swedish conversation, grammar, pronunciation, culture and quirks. You have shared your life stories with me, taught me your culture, shared your experiences. We have together seen the fruits of your labour (and sometimes it has been hard), and I have been so proud of your progress. Like the first time you asked a Swede something on the streets and got a Swedish reply back. Like when you first watched a Swedish movie without subtitles. Like when you read your first Swedish book. Or managed your job interview in Swedish. And got employed. Like when you started speaking Swedish more regularly with your partner. All those little moments that have been so rewarding for us both.

Language builds bridges. Language builds cultural understanding. Language is integration. Thank you everyone who’s been with me on this journey so far. I have loved every minute!

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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