Swedish sayings t-shirts and more

Swedish sayings t-shirts and more

Swedish sayings are crazy. There is no cow on the ice, owls in the bog, and gnomes in the attic… But they are fun, and always trigger laughs and discussions.

We now have a little shop on Redbubble where you can buy t-shirts, cups, note books, mobile skins, bags and more with some of these sayings. We have started with the following Swedish sayings (click on the links to view):

There is no cow on the ice (on Redbubble)

I suspect owls in the bog (on Redbubble)

Now there shall be other buns (on Redbubble)

In case you are looking for a Swedish-related Christmas gift, some of these might be fun. 🙂


Here we are in London, showing some of these t-shirts off. You definitely get looks and comments when you wear these!


Tala inte svenska med mig är du snäll

We also have another range for Swedish learners in particular – Tala inte engelska med mig är du snäll (Don’t speak English with me please). The perfect thing if you want to discourage Swedes to speak English to you, so you can practice your Swedish.

Here’s a unisex t-shirt but there are loads of other type of clothes and also note books, stickers, cups, mobile skins and more.



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